Cricut 101 University: Learn to USE and LOVE your Cricut! by Amy Pelzner

About Cricut 101 University

My goal for you is to USE your Cricut!  You can stop feeling overwhelmed by it once you learn some basics.  That's what I'm here to teach you. 

Don't you want to start using your Cricut? 

Do you want to make incredible projects?

You can do it and I can help!!
Enroll In Cricut 101 University Now!

Where do I start??


Tired of not knowing how to use your Cricut?

I know I was.

When I first got my Cricut it sat on my desk collecting dust.

I had so many great Cricut projects saved on my Pinterest board, but I didn't know where to begin.

Here's why:
1.  I didn't know the difference between all the mats, tools, and materials.
2.  I wasn't a graphic designer or computer savvy, so trying to learn Cricut Design Space was overwhelming.
3.  I couldn't find all the information I needed to get started in one place.

Making such a huge investment and having it just sit was weighing on me.

I really wanted to make. all. the. things.

But it was too much to learn on my own!

Can you relate?

Ever since I started my blog, I have received questions all about the basics of using a Cricut from a lot of newbies and I remember those days!

Over the past few months, I've been working on creating a course that's designed to teach you all the basics of a Cricut machine so that you can start creating all the things now.

And today, I want to share that content with you.

Cricut 101 University is a self paced course that will help you get your machine up and running.

It covers:
  • All about the machines, tools, materials, mats, blades, how to use CDS, and more
  • 30 video lessons, cheat sheets, and projects that we make step by step together

Get ready to impress your friends with all your unique decor and personalized gifts.  And who knows, you might make extra money by selling your creations!

The course is now available and I invite you to enroll today and start Cricut-ing with me!

This course is NOT affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Cricut, Inc.
Yes! I want to learn to use my Cricut!

Why Only $49?

I had a hard time deciding on the price of this course.  The feedback I was getting was so positive and said every new Cricut owner should definitely take the course as soon as they get a machine!

My main reason for making this course was to get people to use and LOVE their Cricut as much as I do.  I know that simply purchasing a Cricut is a huge investment.  I didn't want to add a huge cost on top of that.

People think I'm crazy for pricing it so low, but I follow my heart when it comes to these things.  Just like when I took a Leaf Of Faith into Crafting as my full time job!

Yes! I'm ready to make. all. the. things!

Cricut 101 University: Learn to USE and LOVE your Cricut!

I found this tutorial full of information and very easy to follow. I use my Cricut several times a week and still found this very informative and helpful. Perfect for the overwhelmed beginner. I highly recommend this invaluable resource.
                       Debi. B

Oh my goodness, these videos are made just for me!  It's like all the times I've wanted to ask a Cricut owner how they do use this thing?  And you made it into a course!
      Becky G.

What's included?

Video Icon 32 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 1 text file


Intro to Cricut
Welcome to Cricut 101 University!
3 mins
Affiliate Disclosure
Cricut Explore vs. Cricut Maker
3 mins
Explore Vs. Maker Cheat Sheet
549 KB
All About Cricut Mats
5 mins
Cricut Mats & Vinyl Cheat Sheet
142 KB
Basic Tools used with a Cricut
2 mins
All About Cricut Blades
7 mins
Cricut Blades Cheat Sheet
126 KB
All About Vinyl
8 mins
Creating An Account in CDS
1 min
How to Connect a Cricut to an Ipad with Wi-Fi
4 mins
Connecting an Explore Machine to a PC with Wi-Fi
2 mins
Cricut Design Space 101
Getting Started with CDS : Images & Layers Panel
7 mins
All About Text
12 mins
Using Shapes and Templates
3 mins
12 mins
Alignment and Color
4 mins
Alignment Cheat Sheet
355 KB
How to Use Group and Ungroup
3 mins
Editing Tools Cheat Sheet
206 KB
6 mins
3 mins
5 mins
6 mins
3 mins
Flatten and Print - Plus Printable Vinyl Project!
10 mins
Draw (or Write) and Cut
4 mins
Prepare (or Preview) Screen
5 mins
Make It Screen
7 mins
Cutting and Projects
Getting Ready to Cut!
7 mins
Cricut Explore Setting Wheel
1 min
Info on Copyright
2 mins
Project 1: Making a Card
20 mins
Project 2: Making an Iron-On Disney Shirt
20 mins
Project 3: Making a Sign with Vinyl
23 mins
Project 4: Making a Card with the Cricut Joy
5 mins
Thank You!
1 min